Issues: ImmigrationLegal immigrants have made many positive contributions to our nation in terms of economic growth and cultural heritage. However, due to years of extreme neglect by the federal government, our nation has an immigration crisis. Laws are being neglected, and our cash-strapped local and state governments are struggling to find the resources necessary to absorb the influx of millions of undocumented immigrants.

Over the past decade, unchecked illegal immigration has allowed over 12 million illegal immigrants to stream into our country. Illegal immigration is wrecking havoc on our economic, legal, and national security interests. As a nation of immigrants, we must continue to welcome legal immigrants who wish to live and work in our nation.

That means we must gain control over our borders and protect the American dream for all our citizens and legal immigrants. Not doing so creates a very real threat – not just posed by illegal aliens and drug smugglers, but by terrorists who target our very freedom. Safe communities begin with secure borders. 

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