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Thanks to everyone who went to the polls on the 14th!  I am very humbled by your support.  Now that the primary election is over, it is time to turn our energy toward November.  When we officially launched the 2012 Election with the help of thousands of supporters at the beginning of the year, the amazing grassroots outpouring was appreciated more than you can imagine. There is no greater privilege than representing you in Washington.

Whether it’s making sure the men and women on the front lines have the resources they need, voting 33 times to repeal ObamaCare, protecting 23 million taxpayers from paying the alternative minimum tax (AMT), or holding the line on wasteful spending, I have let my voice be heard on your behalf.

And the fight will continue over the next few months as Congress addresses the unprecedented challenges to our economy. Unfortunately, their “solution” is always the same … raise taxes on middle-class families, and cut military spending to levels that will cost Northeast Florida jobs and threaten our national security!

What we really need is a pro-growth stimulus package that cuts taxes and create jobs; not a plan that increases an already out-of-control federal government budget.

Despite our efforts to be a check and balance against the administration, our country is facing an unprecedented level of debt. Now, more than at any other point in our country’s history, it’s time for strong leadership and conservative principles.

Government spending is out of control and the tax burden on Americans is increasingly unmanageable. I will continue to ensure that your voice is heard and our values are represented in the Washington. I will continue to fight to stabilize our economy, keep taxes low, resolve the immigration crisis, decrease government intrusion into your private life, and provide the support that both our troops and veterans deserve.

Together, we can accomplish great things and I hope I can count on your continued support in November. Thanks again for the continued and generous support of your time, your energy, and your resources.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail as we head toward the general election!



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